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22 September 2019

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Education Center

Hubble contact lenses are a daily disposable contact lens that has come onto the marketplace recently. These contacts are being advertised and promoted heavily on the internet and across social media. There is misleading information on the web and I will present some truths about this lens. 

Hubble contacts are produced in Taiwan and made from an old material called methafilcon A. This plastic came out decades ago and has been used to make a few different contact lens brands over the years. Methafilcon A has a very low oxygen transmissibilty value. This means that is does not breathe well. It is important for a soft contact lens to breath well so the eye receives enough oxygen to remain healthy. Methafilcon A breaths at a value of approximately 18. 

There are no other new contact lenses being made from Methafilcon A because it doesn't breathe well and other contact lens manufacturers have chosen to make all their new lenses from plastics that allow the eye to breathe better. Research has shown that the breathabilty value needs to be approximately 24 to maintian proper eye health. New materials tend to range from 40 to over 100. Remember Hubble's value is only 18! 

Hubble contact lenses are expensive! $40 per month plus $4 shipping. That's $528 per year! This is more expensive than many healthy, modern daily disposables.

So please don't be fooled by the extensive advertising. These are oldfashioned, outdated, potentially unhealthy yet expensive contact lenses.


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