LipiFlow is an FDA approved medical device for treating meibomian gland disease.

Meibomian gland disease or dysfunction (MGD) refers to the condition where the meibomian glands are not secreting enough oil or when the oil they secrete is of poor quality. Often, the oil gland openings get blocked so that less oil comes out of the gland. The oil that does make it out of the glands can be thickened and unhealthy and can cause irritation. It is believed that 86% of dry eye cases are due to MGD.

The LipiFlow System represents more than 10 years of dedicated research and is protected by more than 30 patents. It uses precisely controlled therapeutic heat and massage to relieve gland blockages. LipiFlow is safe and pain-free.

Patented components called Activators deliver treatments directly to the inner and outer eyelids while protecting delicate eye tissue. Sterile and single-use, the Activators are designed for safety and comfort.

Each treatment takes about 12 minutes. Most patients find improvement of their symptoms in as little as two weeks, with the results lasting 12 months or more. Dr. Mungar and his staff can guide you on what to expect.

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LipiFlow Treatment

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